About Us
Pristine Interiors was founded by awards wining interior designer Eva Priest almost 15 years ago with a passion for design and the living arts. Today it is a full-service company that provides interior design and remodeling services with a focus on custom, high-end residential design, and exceptional quality of construction work.

Pristine Interiors by Eva Priest is based in Dallas, TX, and we work on projects throughout the country and overseas for private clients and developers. Recent projects have included residences in New York City, Cape Cod, Miami, Los Angeles, Nice, and London.

Our projects range from a simple kitchen cabinet replacement to an entire house design and renovation. Our mission is to help you achieve a pulled-together look and feel for your home that is warm, inviting, and practical while reflecting your personality and lifestyle.
Eva Priest
Eva Priest moved to Dallas from New York City and immediately made it home. She studied at design schools internationally and earned her master’s degree from a prestigious European school. Later, she pursued further studies at PRATT school, in New York and got a certificate in "Construction Management" from Columbia University.

Her work developed a formal cosmopolitan poise, while she remains deeply inspired by the harmony and warmth of American and the aesthetic of European styles. Her designs reflect this combination of experiences, traditions, and styles. Eva’s projects received awards and were featured in prestigious interior design publications across the world.

Eva starts her projects by understanding the client’s needs to create a comfortable and elegant interior that reflects that client’s personality and lifestyle in every aspect of the interior. From custom upholstery and window treatments to antique textiles and one-of-a-kind pieces discovered here and abroad to create harmony and beauty.
We provide personalized interior design services that are tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. Our primary focus is to create stunning and practical spaces that leave a lasting impression. We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service and limit the number of projects we take on each year to ensure that our clients receive the attention and time they deserve.
Our team
We work closely with you and all involved in your project, managing the complexity at each level of your home’s design to make the process seamless and satisfying. Each aspect of the project is carefully thought out to achieve the ultimate design for your home, from space planning, cabinet drawings, fixtures, and finishing materials selection to creating detail-driven, luxury interiors that perfectly suit their context and the client’s dreams.

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